Or reality vs. imagination!

In these times of desired perfection in everything, instagram glamour, fake everything, retouching, editing… an era where errors are unacceptable, to let the spontaneity flow and allow room for imagination is such a rare thing… these days it is SO refreshing when we have the chance to experience things like that, so simple yet so magical!
  Going to an open air theatre in London is a risk in itself… as you probably heard/know the weather is not always on one’s side. In this gorgeous spring afternoon the temperatures reached 23 degrees and the only issue we had to deal with was the heat inside the amphitheatre that at times was almost unbearable (we should have gone ready with hats, sunblock and water) but this did not take away the great FUN of this day.

  The play was Peter Pan and the plot is probably familiar to most. Written by Scottish Novelist and playwright J.M. Barrie and summarised by Wikipedia as the story of a “mischievous boy who can fly and never grows up”. Barrie based the character on his older brother David who died at the tender age of 14 and whose parents always referred to as a boy. What a beautiful celebration of his brother’s life who conquered the hearts of so many through multiple generations.

  Going back to the main theme of this post which is reality vs. magic, the story in itself is based on the adventures of this boy in Neverland. On this play so beautifully expressed with so many stage resources that takes us back to the roots of theatre, where things are done live, in front of our eyes, the orchestra plays, the scenario needs to rely on the creators and the audience imaginations… and what an amazing moment this was!!!

  We all had to use our creativity to see Peter, Wendy and their friends flying around the stage, to see an ocean made out of real people or fish created from trousers!! I don’t want to spoil so just giving a few hints, it is such a pleasant experience, so much fun to watch and also to observe reactions… especially the ones coming from children. One of the highlights was the son of a friend looking very scared and asking “is that guy gonna be there forever?” when the crocodile swallows captain hook (should I have written spoiler alert here? hope not! 🙂  I had to promise that he would come back and (gladly) he came for the reverence moment – phew!A

For us adults this was a magical experience that transcended barriers, a fun reminder that shit happens in life and you just got to get on with it. A strong note to self that the perfection portrayed by Hollywood or Facebook is very far from real life… and a bit boring if I might.

  As a last example of the old adage that says “the show must go on”, one of the pirates coming down the stage tripped… and just kept going. This did not take any of the magic away, rather the opposite, made it come to life, a life that we all live and includes happiness, frustrations, joy, love, hate and hopefully and with effort is worth living.